Dwight Spencer

Founder, Director of Technical Operations


Are you in search of a cybersecurity partner who not only possesses decades of experience but also embraces innovative leadership philosophies? Look no further than Da Planet Security, where we bring you the exceptional expertise of our Founder, Dwight Spencer. With over 20 years of experience in team leadership, information security, and business development, Dwight stands as a beacon of agile and servant leadership in the industry.

Charity Streams

The internet is flooded with greed and productions. But hackers have always been anti-establisment and about freedom.
In supporting the hacker, coder, maker, and open source communities we'll be streaming hackathons for Girls Who Code, internet Archive, 2600, Code For America, and several others.
Join us as we volunteer to help make the world a better place.
Current goal is $2600 for the Electronic Freedom Foundation as they fight to protect your access to VPNS and keep governments out of your digital cameras (the real measures in the RESTRICT act)

Learning Live Stream

We're in the Cradle of the Union and want to share the world of hacking culture!
We want to learn how Low level code and logic gates interacts with Plan9, C128, MS-DOS, and the Linux kernel. The best way to do this, is this stream!We'll be setting up hackgibson.sh as a live hacking grounds for Plan9 and 8bit machines, doing administrative work for 2600 magazine, and generally getting down in deep with hardware and software projects for the fun of it.

Developer Q&A: Every Wednesday at 6pm

Join us on our Twitch.tv channel, ask us, our developers will answer all of your questions 🚨 #LIVE 🚨